Nubiles – Jenni Showers

June 27th, 2008

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nubiles Jenni bikini
The school year had ended. Me and a couple of my friends congregated over at one of the girls houses to celebrate. We got a little wasted and we all jumped in the pool.

Once the pool got old and the BBQ was going to start I got out and decided to hit the head. The downstairs bathroom was occupied so I headed upstairs. When I opened the door I was greeted with a wonderful view of the hottest nubile teen in the bunch, Jenni.

Jenni had blue eyes and sandy blonde hair from hanging out at the beach. Her skin was tan and she must have tanned naked somewhere because she didn’t have any tan lines.

Anyway, I guess she was rinsing the chlorine off of her body when I burst in. Her top was off and I could just barely see one of her nipples. It was hard as a rock. Her bikini bottoms had almost fallen off so I got a very nice look at her nubile behind.

Being a teenager I just stood there taking in all that I could. I knew very well that I would be masturbating to this nubile site for many years to come so I had better soak in as much of it as I could.

It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like an eternity had gone by. I was all set for my Nubiles dream to end when Jenni said something. I didn’t catch it until she had asked her question a second time.

"Do you need to shower off too?"

It took about two seconds for me to compute my answer but I swear I was able to go through about 100 different calculations in that two seconds of time!

"Yeah. I don’t like the smell of chlorine," I stated.

"Me neither," she replied.

Now I could have just said yes and left it at that. But I had a Nubile dream teen here in front of me and figured being on her side of the issue would score me some points.

She motioned me to come on over and I had to keep telling myself to stop looking at her Nubile tits. She sensed my inability to look and my uncomfortableness with her knowing I couldn’t stop.

"Do you like them?" she asked.

"They are perfect," I replied.

"And how is that?" Jenni asked.

"Well, they are not too big and stretched out like some girls and they are not too small. They are big enough to have a curve along the bottom and small enough not to sag. Like I said, Perfect!"

Jenni laughed. I had reached the tub and started to get in when she told me to leave my trunks outside the tub. When I gave her a look of, "This ain’t fair," she pulled on the bow ties to her bikini bottoms and they fell away.

I had seen a few Nubiles in my time but this nubile pussy was a cut above the rest. Jenni shaved her pussy bare except for a very small line of hair an inch above her clit. What a nice surprise. That was just how Jenni was. Different than everyone else.

My dick went instantly hard and getting my shorts over it so I could pull them down was actually a feat in itself. Jenni smiled at the site of my now rock hard cock and held the shower massager over it. The water spray felt good running over the head of my penis.

We actually didn’t touch each other in the shower and literally just washed ourselves off. It wouldn’t be until later on that night and some more drinking that we would give in to our desires for one another.

I regularly visit Jenni’s page in the members area at to think about that day (and night).

Nubiles has over  470 models and each model does anywhere from 3 to 8 photo sets and 1 to 5 videos. Some even do more than that! updates the members area several times a day.

You cannot get bored here because each week three new models are added. At least one does hardcore and the other two usually stick to solo modeling and sometimes lesbian scenes. Most models masturbate in the pics and Nubiles videos.

Like I said though, there are three new models a week and at least one of them is going to float your boat. So if you get hooked on just one of them and follow her daily updates, you are set.

With an average of six updates per model in total and 470 models on Nubiles it isn’t hard to figure out that you will have plenty to do when you aren’t watching the daily updates.

Finding that perfect model and the twenty or so models very similar to her is made almost too easy by the Nubiles search features. You can drill down by things like eye color, clothing, breast size, hair color, body type, pubic hair (or lack there of) and more.

Just when you think you have seen it all, you remember you forgot to check the latest updates and bam! Three more models and several new picture sets and videos.

It is like having a never ending supply of Nubile porn!

Nubiles – Traci

June 5th, 2008

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Those are some beautiful natural boobs. dude! I want to suck on those nipples and caress Traci’s Nubile fresh tight body. Then I would have to grab on to that rock hard ass of hers while I press my my cock up against it. Traci what are you hiding behind your hand? Come on now reveal your nubile shaved pussy to us. Traci you are so alluring with your rock hard body in your video clips when your banging and caressing your nubile bare pussy. It makes me want to play with myself.

Traci at Nubiles is the girl we all hope our own wife would be like. Most of us will be let down. But don’t worry, there is still hope. That hope is waiting for you at

You don’t need to wait for your lady to get old and flabby and you don’t even need to have a girlfriend in fact, Nubiles is open to everyone with a fine sense of what is hot and what is not. All of the girls at Nubiles are smoking hot, but some of them might not be your particular cup of tea. No problem, there are over 400 models at and I am sure that at least 100 of them have what you desire.

If your not a member of Nubiles yet, browse the site, then get your membership.

Nubiles – Milana

May 29th, 2008

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Such a beauty like Milana is very rare. With large full breasts, a thin waist and a very lovely round ass, this barely legal blonde teen is perfect!

You can watch Milana exposing her busty teen breasts at Nubiles. When Milana is posing you could swear she could really be a hardcore kind of girl. But she does not, she is strictly softcore here at Nubiles. But it does not keep us from letting our minds wonder what if? She is so sultry and alluring it drive me nuts.

Nubiles is full of young hotties like Milana, just maybe not as busty. But there are 430+ nubile models to be exact. Every last one of them is worthy of a masturbation session. Each Nubiles girl does multiple photo sets and videos. Some even do hardcore. Best of all, Nubiles has daily updates!

Nubiles – Lea

May 14th, 2008

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Lea is our adorable and petite blue eyed bombshell. She is perfect from head to her toes. When I came across and saw Lea a very young looking 21 year old. I just had to share and tell everyone I could to check this fine looking girl that is just transitioning to a very sexy hot woman.

This hot sensation sure does have a angelic aura about her as she opens up her red lingerie revealing her luminous nude body to you!

Three Nubiles models are added weekly and each one of them updates daily. At least one new model does hardcore. That is right, Nubiles isn’t just softcore anymore.

Come on in browse around the site awhile. Because it will take some time due to the sheer volume of women contains. Start with clicking on the picture of Lea and enjoy the video. Wow what a sweet ass!

Nubiles Bridget

May 7th, 2008

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There is something so nubile about teen girls in braces. Bridget looks so beautiful and untouched with her small tits and soft lips. Watching her wet slips break into a smile and exposing those braces of hers makes my pulse race.

Bridget is one of many Nubiles with braces. When a site has over 440 models and adds three more models a week it goes without saying that they will have lots of models to fill your favorite niche.

Most of the models at Nubiles, Bridget included, do softcore stuff like nubile masturbation, but at least one of the models added each week does hardcore too. For now I am happy just to watch Bridget explore her young body.

Nubiles – Brea

May 6th, 2008

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Those of us who get straight up hard for fresh young blonde girls. has Brea a sexy young 19 year old just ready to take your hard on between her propped up titis and perky nipples. Take a look at Brea’s picture sets and let your fantasies run wild. I know this pic does not depict it but her smile with her perfect natural shape tits will make you cream your jeans.

You can watch Brea exposing her pretty little shaved pussy and nubile breasts at Nubiles. She is one 440+ exclusive girls with 3 girls added each week. So for which is always growing, your member pass will surely be a site to keep. Especially with all its other benefits it gives you.

Click on this and check out what your missing.

Nubiles – Lynn

April 20th, 2008

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Nobody could deny that Lynn is a beautiful girl next door nubile. Lynn’s boobs are soft, capped with fluffy, puffy nipples. She is just 1 of over 430 models at Nubiles.

Nubiles is all about diversity. While Lynn has some moderately sized boobs, girls like Suzie have small boobs and girls like Samantha have unusually large boobs. Some girls are petite and others have a thick, chunky booty.

There are three new girls added to Nubiles each week. Updates are posted multiple times a day. Most girls have multiple galleries and lots of nubile video.

Along with softcore updates, Nubiles features hardcore updates too. At least one girl a week is hardcore. A growing portion of the Nubiles are both hardcore and softcore. You can talk to the models in the members forum. Most are very active there.

Nubiles @ MetART w/ Estee

April 8th, 2008

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That right there is the picture that belongs in the encyclopedia under Nubile pussy!

It looks as though Estee from Met-ART waxed that thing only seconds before this picture was taken. Or as though it is a warm peach just waiting for you to insert your thumb. Look at how her little clit sprouts up. Just waiting to be licked.

My hat comes off to Erro who is  one of the 70 photographers Met-ART works with. He perfectly captured this nubile teen in a way words cannot do justice!

Nubiles come in different shapes and sizes and Met ART has all of them. All 1300+ of them for you to browse through and fantasize about. My favorite fantasy at Met ART is picking two girls, one who looks like a barely legal nubile teen and the other a college coed. Then I pretend the older looking one is going to instruct the nubile one and I on how to have sex for our first time. Fantasies like this make the older ones just as good as the nubile ones!

Met-ART updates their collection multiple times a day. The photos are anywhere from 3000 pixels to as high as 4900 pixels making zooming in a ton of fun! The Met ART videos are shot in 1080 HD. The same resolution as your HDTV!

I would normally ask you to try the video samples on their tour page, but I feel they don’t do the videos in the members area any justice. The members area videos are 1080 and the sample is 320. Not even close to the same quality. In order to experience Met-ART videos correctly you are just going to have to join!

On the other hand, the high resolution photos on the tour do give you a sense of what to expect in the members area. I am talking about the tour and not the gallery above. While the Estee’s photos are good, they are not in the high resolution format they are in for the members area.

Find your own personal nubiles by taking the Met-ART tour!

Nubiles – Tiana

April 4th, 2008

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Pastrami Pussy. Its what’s for dinner!

That Pastrami Sandwich belongs to the nubile teen Tiana.

Tiana is looks like the off spring of David Lee Roth and Blonde. Probably just her haircut, but the blonde part is actually a compliment.

No small tits in this gallery. Tiana has two natural globes that hang perfectly and fit like a glove into the palms of your hands. While Tiana’s nubile pussy has some extra lip you can be rest assured it is tighter than a gnat’s cunt. That thing looks so fucking tight I can’t imagine how she is going to pass kids through it. Seriously!

Right now all I need to worry about is getting my dick in there. This calls for plenty of lube and lots of foreplay. I honestly can’t imagine being able to get two fingers into that tight nubile pussy!

Tight pussy like Tiana’s is what you can expect on a daily basis over at Nubiles. There are multiple daily updates, new models added each week and multiple sets per model. Most girls even have more than one video and Tiana is no exception!

Members are able to submit wishlists for custom shoots. You get to interact with the girls in the forum. Many of the girls are in the forum so much you’d think Nubiles is the new MySpace!

Like Tiana and her tight pussy, each girl has her own special qualities. Barely Legal, big tits, small tits… Firm ass, wide ass, chunky ass… Nubiles stocks every make and model of teenager imaginable.

Find your own person favorite or make a list. With over 430 models it is easy to find your own bakers dozen!

Nubiles – Elisa Masturbation

March 11th, 2008

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You don’t have to stretch your imagination very far to visualize nubile teen masturbation. With hundreds of millions of nubile girls in the world I am sure that pretty much everything is covered. But… If you don’t feel like theorizing in the mind about what it looks like you can go to Nubiles and experience it first hand. is the premier teen masturbation videos site on the net. However, teens masturbating isn’t all they are about! also has hardcore teens too and Elisa above is one of them.

With girls like Elisa you get the best of both worlds. Make that three worlds… You get lots of softcore content. Upskirts and panty shots of a blonde teen beauty. You get midcore with her steamy masturbation videos! And… you also get hardcore with her blowing guys, fucking them and getting her pretty little teen pussy eaten.

Each week a new hardcore girl is added to Nubiles along with two soft/midcore girls. Since each girl shoots multiple sets and videos you get new updates daily.

Don’t forget to grab a Fleshlight. Why just visualize fucking Elisa when you can experience her tight pussy and warm mouth too?

Nubiles – Melissa

February 16th, 2008

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All right, perverts, listen up!

I know why you guys are searching for Melissa. Don’t try to deny it or lie about it. We all know you are all perverted fucks. So here she is. Melissa in all of her lovely greatness. Nubile Masturbation. Yes, masturbating. And not just fingering around with her pussy either. No, Melissa brought a little tool with her.

What kind of tool? A big one! A vibrating one. A big, vibrating tool for her Nubile pussy. How big? Click the pic above and check it out for yourself!

Melissa makes for a great nubile fantasy. With Melissa it is all about the eye lashes. There are blogs devoted to the eye lash fetish and with Melissa it is easy to see why. This girl has some awesome eye lashes!

Well, this Nubiles blog is not all about eye lashes so lets talk about Melissa and her tits. Or rather, her nipples. Light pink areolas tipped with small nipples. I would have a hard time looking up while talking to her. I’d be talking to those amazing nipples. Yeah… I am a perv… isn’t just about softcore models posing. Sure it was three years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Now you get at least one hardcore update a week. And the solo girls aren’t just posing. Melissa is masturbating with a rabbit vibrator. Watching her eyes roll back and her toes scrunch during her orgasms is worth the price of admission.

Along with Melissa you get 411 other models and counting. In some sets they pose and in others like the one above they go beyond posing. And like I said, once a week they go way beyond posing. Hey, even Nubiles need some cock once in a while. They can’t be expected to vibrate all of the time now can they?

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Nubiles – Katrina

February 16th, 2008

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As some of you already know, I pick the next girl to blog about by checking my searches. Who ever is getting searched for the most without having been blogged about before becomes my next target. Occasionally a girl gets searched for massively, but has only one post I wrote a year ago. In cases like this I often do an updated post. So use the search form to the top right if you want a particular Nubile to appear on my blog.

Today’s Nubile is Katrina. You could say that Katrina is a veteran Nubile. Kind’a sounds like an oxymoron. She is certainly one of the most recognizable Nubiles on the site. And very popular!

It isn’t hard to see why Katrina is so popular. While she appears to be 20′ish, she also has youthful qualities. Her long arms and legs matched with a slim waist give her body barely legal proportions. Her boobs are not big and they are not small. They are just right!

I enjoy this girls eyes, but I enjoy her cheek bones even more. They are complimented by her corn silk hair.

Tan lines… Tan fucking lines! While I enjoy the fact that girls can be tan all year long with a quick stop at the tanning salon, ohh how I miss tan lines! Katrina tans naturally and has some awesome tan lines. Sure, man made undergarments, as well as, the bathing suit, but you cannot say truthfully that they don’t compliment the female form. If they didn’t lingerie wouldn’t be the billion dollar industry that it is. Tan lines bring these attractive curves, lines and silhouettes to the nude female form. Tan lines! Katrina isn’t the only one with corn silk hair, nor is she the only one with sexy tan lines. She isn’t the only one with cheek bones or perfect boobs. There are over 400 models at Nubiles and that means variety. You pay for one site and you get multiple updates a day. You get new girls coming in weekly and the veterans coming back all the time to add more picture sets and videos to their profiles.

Members of get to interact with the girls in the forum. I have seen as many as fifty girls hit the forum in a day. No other site has this many girls actively fraternizing with the membership. And this isn’t pay as you go webcams… these are real girls having conversations with members because they enjoy being a part of the community. How fucking sweet is that?

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Nubiles Chastity

December 31st, 2007

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Nubiles Chastity

Tell me that gallery doesn’t excite you!

Guys, this little nubiles name is Chastity. She is the epitamy of fresh meat. She is the fabric that perverted dreams are made of. Perverted barely legal dreams.

Chastity is that perfect little teen nubile. So flirty and full of life. Fun and axhilirating. The kind of girl that you can play sex games with. I am sure she teases guys all the time with those panties. Purposely wearing colors that contrast with her clothes. Letting guys have little glimpses of those panties. Unmistakable panty shots of this nubile teen!

I have a feeling that when nubile Chastity got her first g-string she flaunted it to any boy who would sit still long enough to enjoy the show. She enjoyed toying with the boys on her block and making their cocks hard. Chastity would jerk their cocks off while they gazed at her panties trying to make out the folds of her pussy underneath.

Eventually she would build up the courage to take her first cock into her warm little mouth. It tasted like nothing she ever tasted before. She felt it twitch with excitement when her warm, wet lips closed in to caress it. She flinched a little when it came all over her tongue but she enjoyed the salty taste and slurped it all up.

There are over 390 barely legal teens at Updates come in hourly and there are tons of girls in every niche. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, ebony, asian, latina. They have them all and in every shape and size. There are so many angels at Nubiles that it is like Heaven on Earth!

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Amateur Upskirts – Keri Sable

December 21st, 2007

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Amateur Upskirts

Uhh-Ohh, looks like Santa’s Little Helper needs a little boostie-woostie there under the tree! Anyone have any ideas?

That gorgeous little elf is Keri Sable. Keri and her friends developed a site for guys with a fetish for panties. But, it is more than just a panty fetish site. It is also a great teens teasing site. If you ever wanted to relive that moment when a girl caught you masturbating to the contents of her panty drawer, this is the place to do it.

Most videos and picture sets start out with the girl or girls fully clothed. Usually they are clothed in a skirt and since they are standing above you I guess they are technically only half-way clothed. After some severe bumping and grinding the girl(s) panties find there way into the girl(s) pussy lips. They reset them a few times. Give you some extreme teasing lip slides and then show you the entire enchilada.

The members area is updated with new panty videos two to three times a week. The videos are plenty big enough to really enjoy watching those panties go up into her pussy. These girls enjoy what they are doing to you so much that they often get a wet spot. is the premier coed panty site on the net!

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Amateur Upskirts

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