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Emily 18

Would you hit it?

Of course you would! Who wouldn’t hit that? Believe it or not she is over eighteen and that makes her just as legal as any other woman. Emily is probably the only girl I wouldn’t hire as a secretary. How would I get anything done? I’d be tagging that shit all day long and be calling the wifey-boo to let her know I am going to be late.
(if I make it home at all) is one of those web sites you don’t tell your buddies about. Unless you are still in high school. Even college guys can’t mention her. She looks just to damn young.

But when the wife takes the kids to grandmas, daddy will play. On her member’s message board you can flirt and ask her questions. She updates her web site three times a week so there is always something new to look at.

I hear she will be setting up a webcam in her apartment soon. This should be a good show! She has three female roommates. I wonder if she can entice of them to do a show for us?

Only time will tell and you will never know until you get your own Emily18 password. Just check out the tour and think about it for a while. You cannot deny she is a beautiful girl. Make sure you check out the entire tour. She has panty modeling down to a science!

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Nubiles Alana

Boy ohh boy does this pic bring me back. The girls name is Alana and she is from Nubiles. It brings me back because I once busted my best friends sister masturbating to her dads porn on the livingroom couch. And this is just about the same pose she was in when I caught her.

My buddy was at football practice and forgot his helmet as his house and I was passing by so I stopped over and picked it up for him. Lucky for his sister she heard my car door but it was no where near enough time for her to look normal. In retrospect she could have just grabbed a blanket and stopped the video…

Instead she reached for her pants (which she had apparently taken completely off). Perhaps she was expecting me to be a parent or something. Someone who would wonder about why she had a blanket on when it is ninty degrees outside. Guys just aren’t that smart. I would have never picked up on it.

So there we were… For about two or three seconds that seemed like an eternity we just sat there looking at each other. My eyes moved down the her crotch and her eyes moved to mine. In 2.37 seconds my dick managed to go from ho-hum to fully erect. She smiled at that since it meant I was probably not a threat. I was turned on… I might not tell anyone… she sighed in relief.

I was at a loss for words… I walked to the end of the hall and grabbed her bothers helmet and held it up as if to say, "Just coming for this, didn’t know I get that too." She waved goodbye and the encounter was over – for a time… Eventually we would share our sexual fanstasies together. But that is for another post.. this one is long enough as it is… and I haven’t even gotten to the website yet.

As I was saying earlier, Nubile Alana is one hell of a Nubile specimen. She has small pert tits and a cute little nose. Her eyes and lips are to die for. Her body is as youthful as it was when she wasn’t legal. is the industry leader in girls like Alana. Check out her gallery and the sample video of Alana masturbating feverishly with a pink vibrator and I think you will agree. Nubiles has over 300 models to choose from. Not only will you find the girl of your dreams but you will find several of them!

Each week three new girls are added to the site. Some of the videos are 640×480 encoded at 1500kb/s. That is as crystal clear as it gets. Video big enough to take up almost the entire screen without zooming. You will come to know these girls up-close and personal. spends a considerable amount of time finding gems like Bente, Micah and Brea. Girls you cannot find anywhere else. Plus they also work deals to bring in your favorite established solo models like Ariel Rebel. All of this dedication to fulfilling our fantasies and they still manage to keep the bill under $30 dollars a month!

It’s late… You are wasting your life away looking for free porn. Stop spinning your wheels and give yourself the quality of life you deserve. At $29.31 it isn’t like it is going to break your monthly budget. You are probably wasting that kind of money on porno mags anyway. Get your Nubiles password today. Alana is waiting!

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Near And Dear

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