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Posted By Rhino on 11/27/09 - Bookmark Nubiles


Six long years ago a man woke up from his sleep with a dream still burning in his head. In his dream were dozens of Nubiles. Girls so cute and beautiful they made him feel like he was young again. He thought to himself, “I need to bring these girls and that feeling they gave me to everyone in the world, but how?”

The solution was to put the Nubiles on the Internet. The only problem was that the Internet was a very different place back then. Broadband was just beginning to come online. Porn was in its infancy. And the taboos about having young girls doing porn… Just the name Nubiles was sure to ruffle a lot of feathers!

Back in 2003 most sites were populated by “teens” in their mid to late twenties. The only real teens were usually strung out on drugs and looked strung out on drugs. This was giving teen porn a very bad image in the press and in the mind of the masses.

This man set out to change all of that. He would make Nubiles a beautiful thing. Not some cheap, dirty, low-down, tramp-hole the current porn producers had turned the niche into.

He had to start with one girl that would change it all. One girl that would embody the image of what Nubiles was to become. He wisely chose Katrina. Her beauty was undeniable. She was a teen. Her petite figure and small tits made her an instant sensation for Nubiles fans.

Six years later Katrina is still the most popular Nubile on the site. There are 65 photo sets of Katrina and over three hours of videos. Her A-cup boobies keep guys coming back for more in droves!

Over the years 692 models have posed for Nubiles. Most models do several picture sets and several videos. Ninty-seven percent of the models do at least some masturbation. Out of the three models added every week one of them does hardcore! is more than just a teen porn site, it is a community complete with a message board, private messaging system and blog center where the girls let you into their private lives. In the forum you can talk to the Nubiles of your dreams!

Ask not what your Nubiles can do for you, but what you can do for your Nubiles!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/14/09 - Bookmark Nubiles


Remember your first blowjob? Barely legal teens at Nubiles like Chastity above make it pretty damn easy to remember that first time in all of its glory!

She nervously took your cock into her mouth. She wasn’t sure if you were going to tell everyone at school or try to cum in her mouth. After some reassurance and a few moans she warmed up to the idea of pleasing you fully. Of taking your whole cock into her mouth and allowing you to squirt your jizz down her throat.

First time are always fun and with over 600 models at Nubiles there are sure to be plenty of first times for you and hundreds of girls. With such a wide variety you can relive that freckle faced redhead that blew your cock like a porn star or that cute blonde girl with the small tits and firm butt. Watching that tight little ass swallow bikinis was always fun!

Grab a password and start enjoying your new found playmates!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/02/09 - Bookmark Nubiles

When it comes to porn there are often a lot of instances where the producer goes over and above the norm. The girls are pushed to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Does this type of behavior also occur at Nubiles?

Take masturbation with the water faucet in a bathtub for example. Do chicks really even do this? Does it really get them off? The short answer is yes to both of those questions. The long answer will require another paragraph or five.

I dated a girl in high school that employed this method of masturbation. When ever she took a bath I heard noises like someone was skidding around in the tub. I wondered about those noises until curiosity got the best of me.

So one day I popped the lock on the bathroom door while her parents were away and crept inside. I got on my hands and knees and approached the shower doors, sliding one to the side. There she was. Lying on her back with her legs in the air, my girlfriend was running the bath water over her exposed clit!

Instantly my dick went from ho-hum to ahoy-matey complete with a straight back, chest out salute! She was just about to orgasm so I was in luck, she kept her eyes closed and didn’t notice she had a visitor. When her orgasm hit she brought her legs together like the water was tickling her clit too much and then slowly opened them up as she mustered up the ability to take the clitoral onslaught.

Suddenly her eyes popped open and her face went red. She was at a loss for words so I stood up and whipped out my cock and started jacking. While I worked my cock she slid around and sat up in the tub so her face was right in front of my cock.

It only took about a minute and a half before I shot my load. Sure, I could have held out for an hour if needed, but she wanted some instant gratification. My load hit her tits and she quickly grabbed her hair like I had no aim or something.

So… Do chicks really masturbate the way they do at Nubiles?

Of course they do!

The Kim Capri bathtub masturbation video above is just one of the thousands of videos waiting for you in the Nubiles members area.

There are 680 models at with three new models being added every week. At least one of the new models at Nubiles does hardcore. You can see the Kim Capri hardcore videos along side her softcore masturbation videos in the members area.

Since each girls does several videos and several picture sets you get multiple daily updates. With so many models at Nubiles there is tons of variety. Small tits girls like Kim Capri and big tits girls like Mirjam, another hardcore video girl! Plus, dozens more with even bigger tits!

Nubiles started out a small tits paradise with mostly softcore photography. Now they have hardcore, full figured girls too. Videos go all the way up to 1280×720 HD. If you haven’t experienced yet, you are truly missing out on one of the best teen porn sites every created!

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