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Posted By Rhino on 09/08/10 - Bookmark Nubiles


I came across this pic of Sinovia masturbating while checking out the Nubiles videos. I was instantly transported back in time to an event I will forever treasure from my past.

A friend of mine invited me over for some beers and Monday Night Football. I headed on over and noticed his car was missing. When I called him up he said he had something he had to take care of for an hour or so and told me to just walk on in and make myself comfortable.

I had never been to his pad so I didn’t know what to expect once inside. The place looked deserted and I noticed shoes by the door and hard wood flooring so I removed my own shoes and shuffled around in my socks.

Being the thirsty type I headed to the kitchen for a beer and when I passed by a barely opened door I heard a low moan from the other side. Perhaps he left some porn on his computer? I figured I’d see what this dude is in to and peered into the room.

There on the bed was a hot, young girl with blonde hair and perky little boobs. She was completely naked and rubbing her shaved pussy with one hand while squeezing her boobs with the other.

Who was this chick?

Just incase she opened her eyes I pulled the door closed a bit more so that I could easily see in, but she wouldn’t be able to see out. Then I got out my cell phone and started catching some video!

Unfortunately she was real close to her orgasm so I didn’t have time to join in and just kept the video going. Her climax was amazing… loud moaning, hip thrusts, legs opening and closing and little beads of sweat on her brow.

Once she finished she laid back and seemed to pass out. I figured it’d be best to close the door and bail his apartment for now, which I did.

After a half hour my buddy called asking where I was. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable being in his house without him there and that I would be over in a jiffy. Once there he introduced me to his little sister. She had just turned 18 years old and moved in to get away from the overbearing eyes of mom and pop.

Sinovia is a dead ringer for that young hottie I watched masturbating. I used to watch her video several times a week. Unfortunately I never downloaded it to my computer so when my phone was stolen I lost the sweetest masturbation video every made!

Now with I can download the Sinovia masturbation video and relive those old times. With over 800 models at Nubiles there is a very good chance you can find a twin for each and every girl you ever banged! (or just wish you did)

They add three new models a week and update multiple times a day. Most of the girls make five to seven videos and five to ten photo sets. That is a lot of teenage porn!

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