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If your CLOSED-eyes sex doll has dirty feet, how do you clean it? Don’t trust other people’s unsophisticated methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline to clean it, people with a little common sense will know that these things can corrode the love doll. In fact, you only need to use warm water and soap to clean it normally.

I purchased a redhead sex doll, how do I repair the doll’s torn toes? The operation method is simple.

Apply the TPE sex doll repair solvent to the untreated surface, let the solution fully penetrate the torn area and hold it for 1-2 minutes with a reinforcement tool, after waiting for a maximum of about 5-6 hours.

How to protect the feet of your light tan skin sex dolls from getting dirty? This is when you need an amazing silicone sock.

It is very effective and can make the feet of sex dolls look more realistic. If you’re in the habit of foot care, you’ll love these socks! Let premium TPE sex dolls wear these silicone socks, no longer afraid that their feet will be dirty, but also make it more beautiful.

Although sex doll socks, TPE repair solvent can help us solve these problems. But the daily maintenance of sex dolls is very important. Some people love the doll more and may wash it frequently, but in fact this will accelerate the degradation of the doll’s skin, shorten its life span, or lead to skin tears, so it is recommended to wash it every 2-4 weeks, which can extend the life cycle of your full-lips sex doll.

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I believe that everyone who loves sex dolls cherishes it, but sometimes don’t know how to do dusting for their smiling sex dolls. This article will share these tips with many doll lovers.

Both TPE dolls and silicone dolls will face the problem of oil stains. The main reason is that in the process of doll making, a certain percentage of industrial grease must be added to ensure a good feel of the doll. TPE dolls use industrial white oil, silicone dolls use silicone oil, the doll in the use and storage process, will secrete grease that makes the epidermis slippery and lubricated, which is often referred to as the oiling phenomenon.

The dust in the air will be adsorbed on the surface of the doll due to grease secretion, a small area can be directly cleaned with soapy water, and then wipe the whole body with a wet towel, and then dried. However, when the skin surface of the doll is contaminated with a large area, it is recommended to use olive oil or industrial white oil for treatment, first apply the oil evenly on the surface of the stained area, wipe the dust gently with a towel (cotton, thin), and keep repeating according to the degree of elimination.

The specific steps for dusting realistic TPE dolls are as follows.

First, buy a professional cleaner, generally manufacturers will ship with the doll will come with a free cleaner, of course, buyers can also buy according to their own preferences.

Next, use a cotton swab to apply oil to the dust stains, do not use too much force when wiping, otherwise it is easy to damage the skin on the surface of the doll, the whole process lasts about 10 ~ 60 minutes.

Finally, after removing the dirt, then just gently wipe the contaminated area with a clean towel or cotton swab.

Overall, in order to protect your young big boobs TPE sex dolls from excessive dust, it is safest to store them in a dry, clean place. For more TPE & silicone dolls purchase, maintenance issues, please visit

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It is one of the typical questions couples in marriage relationships ask, how many times should they have sex? The fact is that no one, not even the relationship experts, knows what exact number or how many times it should be. Some will say at least once per week others twice a month, among many more varied opinions.

Sex is sweet of cause when emotions allow it at that time. Thus even those who lack human sex partners go for other alternatives like sex dolls bbw. Its health benefits are amazing.

With sex;

• You get to shade off your stresses and body pains
• Your confidence and self-image improves
• It improves physical fitness
• It boosts body immunity
• It brings happiness and contentment, and much more.

So back to the question, how often should you enjoy all these sex ‘goodies’? It would only appear excellent if you could have sex every day. I mean, who does not want to be happy, stress-free and confident about oneself?

What prevents frequent sex between married couples

Despite knowing all the associated benefits relating to sex, still, some couples do not get to enjoys sex as often. Why? Here are some possible reasons.

Health concerns

Certain ill-health conditions will never allow you to enjoy your sex life. For instance, cervical cancer. Being more of an untreatable condition, it will be hard for such a sexual partner ever to enjoy sex again. Maybe she may at earlier stages of it, but not at advanced stages. These eventualities occur, and being that you cannot afford to cheat on your partner, you look for other alternatives to satisfy your sexual desires.

One best solution is sex dolls. You can get your best sex doll torso with features of your love partner and get to enjoy your sexual life again.


Specific jobs call for more commitments denying partners time to be with each other. If they do, then they both will be too tired or not in the mood. As such, a lot of time may elapse without them having a chance to get intimate.


Failing not to read from the same page may cause distance between couples, and that would mean no sex. For instance, before the final divorce, some couples even stay apart for a year or two. During this period, they do not have sexual relations.


Libido does die away with age. Older people will most likely have sex less often compared to young couples. For marriages involving couples of a significant age difference, like thirty or forty years, love dolls can still help. The younger couples have some of the best tpe love dolls around for sexual satisfaction as their partners can no longer give it to them.


Based on its merits, relationship experts advise more sex for married couples. Even with a love dolls, sex gives one the necessary energy they need in life and for well-being. How many times it should, however, it needs to remain with the involved parties. It is hormones and so emotions which controls sexual desires, you cannot fix a schedule for it. What is that day you are in your low moods?

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