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Posted By Rhino on 04/30/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

Kara is one of those frisky Nubiles. Here is she playing a kinky game of peek-a-boo with her pussy. We see you Kara… or your pretty pink pussy anyway.

Along with a pretty pink pussy, Kara has nice small boobs with cute nipples. Even better than just having them, Kara likes to show them off!

You can watch Kara exposing her pretty little pussy and nubile breasts at Nubiles. She has seven photo sets and over three hours of video.

Three Nubiles models are added weekly and each one of them updates daily. At least one new model does hardcore. That is right, Nubiles isn’t just softcore anymore.

Now you can get all of your young teen pussy in one place!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/26/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

It is good to be a guy. Girls are so beautiful to look at. Especially the Nubile teens. Their bodies are perfect. Their skin is so soft. And, they make those eighteen year old mistakes like accidentally letting you see their panties… maybe even a glimpse of what is underneath.

That sliver of pussy lip belongs to Melody of She is one of 430+ models at Nubiles. There are three models added weekly and each model has several picture sets and anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours worth of video.

Melody is a nice example of a petite, barely legal teen. However, Nubiles has teens of all shapes and sizes. Some Nubiles have big tits and others have small boobs. There are wide asses and little bottoms. No matter what your ideal girl is, has more than one model that fits the mold.

Nubiles updates daily unlike most sites that update weekly. That means you aren’t paying for lost time!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/20/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

Nobody could deny that Lynn is a beautiful girl next door nubile. Lynn’s boobs are soft, capped with fluffy, puffy nipples. She is just 1 of over 430 models at Nubiles.

Nubiles is all about diversity. While Lynn has some moderately sized boobs, girls like Suzie have small boobs and girls like Samantha have unusually large boobs. Some girls are petite and others have a thick, chunky booty.

There are three new girls added to Nubiles each week. Updates are posted multiple times a day. Most girls have multiple galleries and lots of nubile video.

Along with softcore updates, Nubiles features hardcore updates too. At least one girl a week is hardcore. A growing portion of the Nubiles are both hardcore and softcore. You can talk to the models in the members forum. Most are very active there.

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Posted By Rhino on 04/20/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

While Nubiles has plenty of nubile teens, girls like Kate take exceed all expectations.

Kate has some very soft lips. I bet they are just as tight, with that lip gloss she has on, as her little pussy is. Don’t let her shyness fool you. She would let you do anything you want her to.

Along with soft lips, Kate has small tits and a really tight pussy. So tight you cannot fuck her without a condom. You will get her pregnant.

With over 430 models, Nubiles has plenty of nubile teens like Kate but, more importantly, they also have a huge selection that are not like Kate. You are getting a very diverse body of models to pick from. More added each week!

Updates include pictures and videos. Many girls have multiple updates and multiple videos. Nubiles updates on a daily basis. Nubiles is the ultimate source for likable girls.

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Posted By Rhino on 04/08/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

Boy does that picture bring me back. Olga from Nubiles reminds me of a friend’s sister. For now we will just call his sister Olga.

Olga and her friend would always play dress up and put on stuff their parents would never let them wear. Once when I was walking past her room I noticed the door was cracked open. Being a curious fellow I looked in on Olga and her friend.

They had both put on their old cheerleading skirts but, they hiked them  up like Olga is doing in the picture above. Instead of being two inches from their knees they were two inches from their panties!

For their tops the girls had tied handkerchiefs around their small tits. Since the hankies lacked the padding bras have their nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. 

They both stood in front of Olga’s full length mirror and spun their hips to and fro so their skirts would fly up around the waists. I could see their cotton panties clinging to their nubile butts and catch a glimpse of the front through the mirror.

Just when my dick turned into a boner, Olga suddenly sprang for the door and pulled it open. She did it so quickly that I didn’t have time to react! She looked down at my raging hardon and giggled. Then she grabbed my hand and yanked me into her room.

Olga pushed me onto her bed and her friend Jenny pointed at my boner. I was so embarrassed. Olga must have sensed this and told me not to be embarrassed, she liked that I had found her sexy. It made sense… I mean, these nubiles were wearing sexy clothing and prancing around in it.

The girls whispered into each others ears for a moment and then turned back to me. Olga said her and Jenny would pull up their skirts and take off their tops if I would show them my penis. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I just sat there looking at them. Jenny pulled her skirt up just enough for me to see her panties and then stopped looking at me expectantly.

I got the picture and pulled off my pants and underwear in one quick move. The girls eyes widened when they saw my cock. Olga stated it was a lot bigger than she had imagined. I smiled at this and figured I might be able to turn the tables on this game she was playing.

I asked them if they wanted to touch my cock and they both yelped yes and tried to reach out for it. I put my hands in the way and said they would have to take off their clothes too. It wouldn’t be fair for me to be naked and let them touch my cock and I can’t even see anything.

In no time at all we were all naked. As soon as Olga’s hand touched my dick some pre-cum rolled out. Jenny put her finger in the glob of pre-cum and brought it up to her mouth for a taste. She seemed to like it and went back for more. This time she brought it up to Olga’s mouth. She nodded that she had liked it too and they both got on their knees.

Olga stuck out her tongue and licked the remaining pre-cum from my penis. Immediately more came out and Jenny took it as a cue to try it too. Then Olga wondered out loud if sucking on it might make more come out and she put her nubile mouth on my cock. Hers was the first mouth my cock had ever felt and it felt wonderful.

This was way further than I thought I was ever going to get with these two. I realized I was really tense and I relaxed and let the good feelings take me over.

After Olga had run her tongue over my cock head for a minute or two Jenny gestured that it was her turn now. She not only used her tongue but she bobbed her head up and down. Her warm lips slid almost all the way down my shaft.

This was too much and I was going to cum in this girls mouth. I put my hand on her head and told her to stop or I’d cum. She picked up her head and both girls looked at each other and smiled. They each put a hand on my cock and started stroking it.

My cum shot out and the first squirt hit Olga on the cheek. Jenny moved in closer and opened her mouth and caught the second squirt on her tongue. She quickly moved out of the way so that Olga could do the same. Once she did, the next squirts only made it to Olga’s fingers on my cock. Jenny bent down and licked up the cum slipping down Olga’s hand and Olga bent down to place her mouth over the head to catch any remaining cum.

Just then my cell phone started vibrating. Olga’s brother was calling wondering where I was. He didn’t know I was already at his house. In his sisters room. Receiving head from his sister!

We all put on our clothes and Olga told me this would be continued on another day… soon!

Nubiles has over 430 models and it seems like every single one of them bring up something worth masturbating about from my past. They have daily updates and add three new models a week. One model a week does hardcore. This week Olga is that model! Imagine Olga’s nubile body doing hardcore sex scenes on video!

OK, now stop imagining it and get your Nubiles password now!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/04/08 - Bookmark Nubiles

Pastrami Pussy. Its what’s for dinner!

That Pastrami Sandwich belongs to the nubile teen Tiana.

Tiana is looks like the off spring of David Lee Roth and Blonde. Probably just her haircut, but the blonde part is actually a compliment.

No small tits in this gallery. Tiana has two natural globes that hang perfectly and fit like a glove into the palms of your hands. While Tiana’s nubile pussy has some extra lip you can be rest assured it is tighter than a gnat’s cunt. That thing looks so fucking tight I can’t imagine how she is going to pass kids through it. Seriously!

Right now all I need to worry about is getting my dick in there. This calls for plenty of lube and lots of foreplay. I honestly can’t imagine being able to get two fingers into that tight nubile pussy!

Tight pussy like Tiana’s is what you can expect on a daily basis over at Nubiles. There are multiple daily updates, new models added each week and multiple sets per model. Most girls even have more than one video and Tiana is no exception!

Members are able to submit wishlists for custom shoots. You get to interact with the girls in the forum. Many of the girls are in the forum so much you’d think Nubiles is the new MySpace!

Like Tiana and her tight pussy, each girl has her own special qualities. Barely Legal, big tits, small tits… Firm ass, wide ass, chunky ass… Nubiles stocks every make and model of teenager imaginable.

Find your own person favorite or make a list. With over 430 models it is easy to find your own bakers dozen!

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If you have been reading my Nubiles blog for any length of time you know that a teen girls feet are very important to me. I always try to include photos and videos of girls feet into my posts.

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