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MET Art - Altea

If only the world had more girls like Altea in it! Altea is a good example of what you can expect from the people at

MET Art is probably the worlds largest collection of nude photos. They add four to seven updates every single day. Updates are shot by over 120 of the industries hottest photographers from around the world.

Each girl at MET Art has something that sets her appart from the rest. For Altea it is her youthful appearance. She has small tits and puffy nipples. She is long and tall with noticable hip bones. This girl could wear just about anything and look gorgeous. But that is the point at MET Art. Every girl they shoot is glamorous in her own way.

One of my favorite aspect of is that they have a ton of girls with tan lines. I am old fashion and these girls come from around the world so they find plenty of them in places where tanning booths are not common place. Olga is a blonde sweet heart with full sized tits that hang perfectly and a wonderfully shaven beaver. Ohh, she has tan lines too!

Some girls have petite figures with straight hips and others have hour glass figures with wide hips. More girls have everything in between. Every race, every hair color, every combination of hair color and eye color imaginable. Some combinations that are extremely exotic.

There are over a half a million photos at MET Art! Plus they have 481+ movies that you can download. The pics are shot in some pretty insane resolutions. Some go as high as 4300 pixels. I have a 24" moniter and they are bigger than it is! You can really zoom into things!

The videos are amazing. On the tour you can view trailers of the latest girls added to the archives. These videos are BIG but even they don’t do justice to the clarity and size of the ones inside the members area. Videos are in many formats including IPOD and PSP.

Get ready to take a journey down the path of discovery. An exploration of the female form that is!

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Coed Candy

Guys, meet my future wife. Her name is Melinda and she is from the site I am in a good mood right now so if you click on her pic I will let you see my future bride naked. Go ahead! She won’t bite (hard).

I know, I know.. You are jealous, but please don’t be! Melinda has plenty of sisters at Nubiles and you can have any of them or all of them when ever you want. The sad truth (for me) is that Melinda has been known to cheat on me from time to time. Ohh well. I don’t mind. I try to stay positive by sleeping with her sisters!

There are just under 400 models at Nubiles and more are added on a weekly basis. We are talking about some stunners here. I have yet to find a single Nubile that I’d even consider kicking out of bed, except for this one.

The girls include brunettes, blondes, black hair, red hair and even some with purple, blue and pink hair. Some Nubiles shave, some trim and some let nature take its course. Some have more than their fair share of tits and others are as flat as the state of Kansas. They have wide hips and they have petite girls. Green, Brown, Hazel, Blue, Gray and some eye shades you can only get with contacts.

What about their level of sexuality? Well, some are completely softcore and love to tease. Most will at least masturbate on video and still more go all the way with guys and girls.

Any way you cut it, Nubiles is an awesome collection of some of the worlds hottest teens. If you haven’t experienced, now is the time to try!

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She Thinks Cum Is Yum-Yummy!
Nubile Girls
Near And Dear

If you have been reading my Nubiles blog for any length of time you know that a teen girls feet are very important to me. I always try to include photos and videos of girls feet into my posts.

Sites like Nubiles are "OK" for looking at feet, but when you want to really enjoy the niche you have to go to a site totally devoted to foot fetish models. Fap Feet is totally dedicated to providing you with beautiful teen feet. They update with high resolution photos and videos capturing every nook and cranny. There are downloadable ZIPs so you can grab entire feet fetish galleries with ease.

At only $9.99 a month the price cannot be beat. Especially when you consider how insanely hot the barefoot content here is!

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